I lost my mom on January 20, 2020.

“Ma, I’m home. What are you doing?”
“I’m making coffee.”
“Why are you making coffee?”
“I always make coffee in the morning. Why are you up so early?”
“It’s 9 o’clock at night, ma...”

This was the beginning of her passing.

Be careful what you wish for

Ma about a month before we ‘lost’ her

I used to imagine how I would feel if Ma had died. I thought that if I felt the pain of her passing often enough, I could prepare myself for the inevitable. But these rehearsals didn’t diminish the pain. I could never get used to it.

So I wished that I…

Trying to define the undefinable — my mother’s love.

Mom at 90 but still fooling around with part of a pulp tray from Starbucks

I’ve been spoiled by my mom.

Who only knows how to give.

Who only lives

by sacrifices,


and a silent knowing.

She never seems to run out of giving.

Never asks. But I know, only hopes

to be filled by my



and my happiness.

Back and forth, all her life

These emotions run

between herself and all her children.

An energy is built:


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Because not all interview subjects can recall their experiences as eloquently as Hannah Baker in “13 Reasons Why”.

When your interviewees clam up, don’t shrug… shuck!

During the user research phase of UX design projects, there were times when I’ve followed the advice to ask open-ended questions but still got one-word answers. Or worse, a shrug.


My heart starts pounding and I ask the next question on my list in my attempt to keep the interview going. It doesn’t work. I’ve got to wing it. I got this! In fact, I’ve got five ways to deal with such a situation:

1. Suppose you know

This is a technique I learned from my course in counselling. When your interviewee says “I dunno” or shrugs, probe for a more elaborate answer…

Reading the job descriptions of ‘UX Designer’ makes me wonder if ‘design’ is the keyword rather than ‘user-experience-design’.

Most of today’s designers and art directors would have had some experience in designing webpages or app interfaces in their professional life. So does this give them an advantage in the field of UX Design?

Scanning job sites for positions in UX Design seems to tell me that this is true.

Previously on days of my life…

So what’re you up to these days?
I’m doing a course in UX design.
Job switching to design, huh? Didn’t know you could draw…
I don’t need to really draw. It’s not visual design. I’m learning to design the user experience. So just need to sketch things like wireframes and…
Oh! Interesting…

Naturally, an economic miracle like Singapore uses English economically to increase our productivity

I love Singlish. You can call it a creole, pidgin, colloquialism or whatever. But I’m sure most sociolinguists would qualify it as a language.

Listen in (read: eavesdrop) when you’re in Singapore.
You might discover that Singlish is an efficiently economical language for communication. Which is just great for this age that demands multitasking and super achievements —leaving us with short attention spans.

Listening to Singlish as it is spoken often reminds me of the Three Character Classic (三字经): the classical text from the Song Dynasty that teaches basic literacy and Confucian morality to children. …

A heuristic evaluation of SingPost’s Self-Automated-Machine

I was pleasantly surprised to notice that SingPost SAM (Self-Automated Machine) has been upgraded. Since I had a bill to pay, I used it as my personal research into UX/UI.

Conclusion: little things make the experience wholesome.

Welcome screen

I could spot the service I was looking for (Pay Bills) at a glance though I wondered if ‘Scan & Pay’ was an actual service or a feature highlight. I also questioned the use of an exclamation mark after the welcome message and the redundant use of ‘available’ in the instructional copy.

Before practicing UX Design, I often felt stupid for asking “Why?”
Now I know it’s stupid not to ask “Why?”

When I was working as a copywriter at advertising agencies, I would receive project briefs from the account manager, project manager or planner. It was rare to have the opportunity to speak directly to the clients or stakeholders of the project. So the brief usually became just a checklist of deliverables.

Here’s how a project briefing might go:

Planner: To introduce this new feature of the app and increase downloads, we have to produce viral videos.

Creative 1: What’s the single-minded proposition?

Planner: You can chat to up to 100 people at the same time!

Creative 1: We could have a celebrity chat with 100 fans and…

My 90-year-old mother surprised me with her observations on design.

Mom always knows best.

After completing my User Experience Design Immersive course at General Assembly’s Singapore campus, I tried to explain to my 90-year-old mother what I had been studying.

I got schooled, instead.

Me: Actually, the course I have been taking for the past 10 weeks is called “User Experience Design.”
Me: 其实我这十个星期在读的课程是叫‘用户体验设计’。

Mom: The wishes of users?
Mom: 用户许愿?

Me: Something like that! It’s mainly about learning how to make a product or service better so that users can have a better experience. Just take it as attempts to make the wishes of users come true.
Me: 差不多啦!主要是学怎样能把一个产品或服务做得更好,让用户有一个更好的经验。就算是让用户对产品或服务的愿望实现。

Mom: I get it…


“If change is the only constant, then 'constantly changing' is tautologous.” says me as a content creator

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