Once you go UX, you never go back.

Before practicing UX Design, I often felt stupid for asking “Why?”
Now I know it’s stupid not to ask “Why?”

When I was working as a copywriter at advertising agencies, I would receive project briefs from the account manager, project manager or planner. It was rare to have the opportunity to speak directly to the clients or stakeholders of the project. So the brief usually became just a checklist of deliverables.

Here’s how a project briefing might go:

Planner: To introduce this new feature of the app and increase downloads, we have to produce viral videos.

And this is how I feel as I go through the project…

Excuse the over-generalization but…

I’m painting a picture from memory. And we all know how that serves us.

  • the manager just wants to expend the budget with this campaign
  • the client will pay for it if this TVC wins an award

Give me one reason to stay here…

And I’ll turn right back around (quote-unquote Tracy Chapman).

Crocodile in the Yangtze — Story of Alibaba & Jack Ma by Porter Erisman

Aint’ no stoppin’ me now

Now that I know that I really wasn’t trying to be a smart ass when I asked too many questions during briefing sessions, I feel liberated.

“If change is the only constant, then 'constantly changing' is tautologous.” says me as a content creator